Ana Marquez


Connor Flynn


Edin Muminovic


Maria Gasca Granados


Jessica Cruz

Five Hoover High School students became the first at Des Moines Public Schools to earn an award created a year ago by the Iowa legislature.

The Iowa Seal of Biliteracy is an award given by a school district to recognize students who have attained proficiency in two or more languages, one of which is English.

In a district where nearly a quarter of all students are classified as ELL (English Language Learner), the potential number who may earn this certification of a critical 21st century life/career skill is extremely high.

Congratulations to this quintet of trailblazing Huskies!

Jessica Cruz, Connor Flynn, Maria Gasca Granados, and Ana Marquez earned the seal for Spanish while Edin Muminovic earned it for Bosnian.

For more information on the Iowa Seal of Biliteracy and DMPS, click here.

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