Besides the usual hungry horde of students, foodservice staffs at Brubaker Elementary and Hoyt Middle schools served up hot, healthy breakfasts to officials from the Iowa Egg Council and the American Egg Board Wednesday morning.

The visitors were there to start the day before heading downtown to the district’s Central Nutrition Center for a tour and a presentation that officially recognized a partnership in protein.

“We’re emphasizing more protein in our school menus, particularly at breakfast,” said DMPS Executive Chef Chad Taylor. “It’s a good source of fuel for learning to start the day and eggs are rich in protein.”

“Eat better, learn better,” is the simply put slogan behind the campaign.

Posed beneath a bouquet of balloons the color of scrambled eggs, Taylor and DMPS Director of Nutrition Services Amanda Miller accepted a certificate from the AEB they’ll be glad to make room for on the office wall above the central kitchen that’s getting crowded with awards of culinary distinction.

“We are so pleased to have you here and grateful for this recognition,” Miller told the guests before leading them downstairs to Taylor’s workshop where more than 35,000 meals are prepped each day for distribution to more than 60 schools.

When the chow bell rang at Hoyt at 8:00 AM sharp, the kitchen staff there was ready and waiting like a pit crew supporting a fleet of adolescent sports cars. Bodies fed, they sped to class to nourish their minds.

It takes a lot of fuel to run a school. Nothing yields better mileage, and economy, per dozen than eggs.

Photographs from American Egg Board Visit to Hoyt Middle School
Healthy Breakfasts at Hoyt

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