Fortune telling can be kinda spooky, right, especially on Halloween?

Last night at North High School, the Polar Bear Crew invited some future Polar Bears to look into their futures at a special but really not too spooky event in the school parking lot.

North’s student leadership group hosted a Trunk or Treat event in an effort to build pride in becoming a Polar Bear.  Students from the Northside feeder schools were invited to attend and a host of community partners made it worth their while to show up on a dry but chilly night.

For those not familiar with the increasingly popular “trunk or treat” format, think tailgating with sweet treats instead of sub sandwiches and grilled meats on the menu.

Plenty of sweets were passed out to trick or treaters making the rounds of the decked out, stocked up vehicles that lined the lot, but they were not all.

DMACC distributed flyers about the ways and means of college applications.

The trunk of the University of Iowa’s vehicle included U of I pencils along with more customary temptations.

The North High Alumni Association passed out pink flyers promoting next spring’s fundraising extravaganza, the Polar Bear Gala 2018 (“The Trifecta” – get your tickets early!).

Did we mention it was chilly? That called for chili, and there was a big batch available in addition to trunkfuls of “fun size” candy (Is there any other size when it comes to candy?).

Principal Ben Graeber was there, passing out goodies, but was upstaged and outranked by THE Polar Bear, who was probably more comfortable in the weather conditions than most.

But the turnout and goodwill turned up the heat and neither ghoulish costumes nor cool-ish temps gave anyone the shivers.

“So many people came together for a great community evening,” said Lori Bonnstetter, North High Academic Interventionist and one of the faculty co-sponsors of the inaugural event. “The Polar Bear Crew did an outstanding job organizing this.”

They did indeed, turning the trick of their first Trunk or Treat with the support of a broad coalition of community partners that included the following:

  • North High Alumni Association /Polar Bear Gala
  • DMPD
  • DMPS School Board
  • University of Iowa
  • Union Park Baptist Church
  • Vineyard Church
  • RISE Life Impact
  • Advance America

Photos of Trunk or Treat at North High

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