Des Moines Public Schools and the Houston Independent School District have at least two big things in common.

First, both DMPS and HISD belong to the Council of the Great City Schools, an organization that brings together 68 of nation’s largest public school systems in a coalition dedicated to the improvement of education for children in urban communities.

Second, both DMPS and HISD are part of communities that know first-hand the devastating impact of flooding.

Just as people from across the nation helped out Des Moines in our times of need, it’s now our turn to help Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Nearly 50 HISD schools have been flooded to some degree, other schools are being used as shelters, and a growing number of students and families have left their homes behind.

There are two ways you can help students in Houston:

  1. HISD has an immediate need for children’s clothes of all sizes (clean and in reasonably good repair) and school supplies. All clothes and school supplies may be sent to:

HISD Harvey Recovery
c/o Delmar Stadium
2020 Mangum
Houston, TX 77092

  1. The HISD Foundation has set up a special to provide assistance to their students and families. Click here to read more about their effort and make an online donation.
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