Infinite Campus: A Gateway to Support Student Learning

Infinite Campus is an important tool for DMPS students, parents and teachers.

Infinite Campus is an important tool for DMPS students, parents and teachers.

Infinite Campus is a helpful online tool Des Moines Public School parents can use to access their student’s attendance, grades, transportation information, and more.

When parents talk with their children about the information found on Infinite Campus, it becomes a tool that supports their learning. Infinite Campus is used district-wide by all teachers. Information obtained from Infinite Campus varies depending on the student’s grade level.  Secondary teachers update Infinite Campus regularly with assignments and grades. Teachers, building administration, and district administration also use Infinite Campus to send messages to both students and parents.

“Parents can use information found within Infinite Campus to support students in their learning,” states Noelle Tichy, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning. “Make logging into Infinite Campus and talking to your student about the information on Infinite Campus a habit. Talking about assignments, test scores, and attendance can lead to larger conversations about time management, study skills, and academic progress and goals.”

Conversations about Infinite Campus should be supportive and focus on problem-solving. Using the information acquired from Infinite Campus, parents and their children can contact teachers about grades which could lead to a greater partnership with teachers in students taking control of their academic progress.

Parents can also use Infinite Campus to:

  • See upcoming assignments and have conversations about study methods and other test preparations their student could implement.
  • Inquire about why a particular assignment was marked missing or tardy, and help their student work to improve their organizational skills and take responsibility for their assignments.
  • Simply tell their student congratulations on a job well done for a particular assignment.

Infinite Campus has created a mobile app for smart phones. The mobile app works as a companion tool to the parent portal account, and increases the ease of accessing your student’s information right from your phone.  The mobile app includes a push notification function that immediately notifies you when a student is marked absent or tardy. While not all data can be accessed in the mobile app, it can be used as quick reference to track attendance and assignment scores. To download the mobile app, simply go to the App Store or Google Play and search Infinite Campus.

Parents can change their emergency/weather notification information in Infinite Campus. To start that process, simply click here. Parents should begin using their Infinite Campus parent portal account as soon as they have a student in the district. Students are introduced to Infinite Campus beginning in sixth grade. Students can see all of their own information, but not their sibling’s information. Parents/guardians should have their own account, and should not log in using their student’s account. The parent account allows parents/guardians access to all of their children’s data in one location, and messages sent only to the parent/guardian.

Des Moines Public Schools has recently enhanced the functionality of the portal by allowing parents to retrieve their username and reset their own password online. Click here to learn more about this new feature. Des Moines Public Schools successfully implemented online registration in July 2015. This convenient tool allows parents to register their children online via their Infinite Campus parent portal. Just another excellent reason to utilize Infinite Campus! Look for online registration to open July 2016 for the 2016-2017 school year.

Infinite Campus is a useful and versatile tool that enables parents to get an extensive view of their student’s education. It empowers parents to have an active role in their student’s educational journey.

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