Student Ambassadors Welcome Former Top Ambassador to Moulton

Students welcome presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to Moulton Elementary School.

Students welcome presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to Moulton Elementary School before she held a community forum in the gymnasium.

Tuesday was a day that one select group of students at Moulton Elementary will never forget after they got to serve as official ambassadors for a visit to their school by the nation’s former top ambassador.

Former U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton, currently a leading candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination next year, came to Moulton for a community forum on healthcare issues. But first she paused in the school library where she was welcomed by a delegation of Tigers and their principal, Eric Van Dorin.

The students were polite and respectful as they said hello and posed for pictures with Mrs. Clinton. But as soon as she started asking questions about her hosts their hands shot in the air and she was peppered with answers and hugs, the kind of adoring reception politicians long for but don’t always receive.

Waiting in the gym was a crowd from the surrounding community. The scoreboard was on. 20:16 was the time remaining on the clock. 20-16 was the score. As if a reminder was needed about the election year around the corner.People fanned themselves until Clinton entered and was introduced by new Des Moines School Board member Dionna Langford.

The candidate, her staff and Secret Service detail had miles to go before they would sleep but it was time for the Tiger ambassadors to call it a day and a job well done.

Photos from Hillary Clinton’s Visit to Moulton Elementary School

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