Hubbell’s Hoop Shootin’ Granny Turns 90

Gloria Bumpus, 90, never passes up a game of basketball with her students.

Gloria Bumpus, 90, never passes up a game of basketball with her students.

Hubbell Elementary School’s hoop-shootin’ granny turned 90 years old today. Students and staff surprised her before school with cake, balloons and, of course, basketball.

“It’s a hobby of mine,” Gloria Bumpus told reporters after playing for a while with the children.

Bumpus has worked for DMPS for about 30 years. She has the distinction of being the district’s oldest employee, though she says she doesn’t feel old. She said she can’t imagine doing anything other than taking care of children.

“I love children,” she said. “They’re so real.”

The Metro Kids caregiver is well known and well liked at the school and throughout the district.

“Gloria has worked for Metro Kids since 2002. She brings an atmosphere of care and support to everyone she encounters,” said Metro Kids Administartor Jane Bishop. “Early in the morning before school begins you can find Gloria playing cards, games, reading, and creating with the children. She never passes up an opportunity to shoot hoops with the kids.”

Bumpus says the secret to her energy is looking forward to her day.

“I try to stay positive, always,” she told reporters who came to her party.

“Do you think you’ll be playing basketball on your 100th birthday?” asked a reporter.

“Oh, yes!” she said. “I don’t want to miss a day of coming to work and seeing the children.”

Photos from Gloria Bumpus’s 90th Birthday Party

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