Website Helps Teachers Fund Special Projects


First grader Ibtisam Gaas creates a masterpiece in David Borzo’s art class at Edmunds Elementary.

The art room at Edmunds Elementary has a new tool for students to use, compliments of many generous donors who made contributions through the organization.

Art instructor David Borzo created a request for a paint drying rack with early last summer. He included information about his students who loved to paint, and described the lack of drying space in his art room. allows donors to contribute money to projects they like. Once the project is completely funded, the organization purchases the supplies on behalf of the requesting teacher and ships them directly to the school.

Because of generous donations over the summer, Borzo’s classroom now has a new drying rack that holds 100 masterpieces.

“The rack is really perfect for our room,” Borzo said. ”The students all appreciate that it was made possible through the generosity of others. Now the classes are doing more painting work than ever.”

According to the donation website, the organization has funded more than 200,000 classroom projects.  To see what other projects DMPS teachers are asking for help with, enter 50309 in the zip code search on the website.

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