Summer Programs at DMPS

No School But Lots of Opportunities

DMPS offers a wide range of opportunities for students and families throughout the summer.

DMPS offers a wide range of opportunities for students and families throughout the summer.

For all of the recent debate about when the school year should start, there are lots of people at DMPS scratching their heads and asking: when does it end?

That’s because, in many ways, at Des Moines Public Schools education and activities take place at our schools nearly every day of the year.

Yes, it may soon be summertime, when the song says the livin’ is easy, but in this school district the activity level is high as, on any given day, thousands of students are taking part in a wide variety of programs at schools.

Thanks to a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant, Des Moines Public Schools is pleased to announce summer programming available at eight middle schools beginning June 13 and running through July 22. Click here for more information and to apply.

AmeriCorps will be offering summer tutoring at 10 elementary schools: Cowles, Hillis, Jefferson, Oak Park, Phillips, Pleasant Hill, Studebaker, Windsor, and Wright. Programs typically run for 9 weeks; please check with the school for more details. In addition, other activities will be offered by AmeriCorps at 7 middle schools: Goodrell, Hiatt, Hoyt, McCombs, Meredith, Merrill, and Weeks. Middle school programming is done in conjunction with the 21st Century programs. Please check with the school for specific details on summer offerings.

In addition, AmeriCorps is hiring members to help with summer programs. Are you interested? Visit Jobs@DMPS for more information and to begin the application process.

ELL Summer Enrichment programs will be offered at Callanan, Meredith, and Weeks middle schools as well as Stowe, Lovejoy and Windsor elementary school. Please contact our ELL office for further details.

Metro Kids is a fee-based program that provides before and after care at elementary schools. Metro Kids also provides various programs during the summer from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM at 9 schools in the district. Click here for more information about the program, and check back for updates about summer opportunities.

Senior Summer School is a 9-week intensive program for 12th graders who do not graduate by the end of the regular school year due to credit deficiencies. Programming consists of both academic and social support. A graduation ceremony is held in August for student who successfully complete the program. For more information contact your high school’s SUCCESS Case Managers.

As Des Moines Public Schools continues to expand sports and other activities at our schools, summer sports camps are also expanding in 2015 with more choices than ever before. Click here for more information about the 2015 summer sports camps offered by DMPS, or click here to register online!

Are you ready for the 6th grade? The free one-day program will help if your child is about to begin middle school. It’s a great opportunity to get to know teachers, students and the building, and even learn the secret to opening your locker in record time. Download specifics on the camp offered at each middle school by clicking on the links below:

Des Moines Public Schools provides a free summer meal program at dozens of sites throughout the city. Click here for more information about locations and times for the summer of 2015.