Year I 2015-16 Projects

Year I (2015-16) of the 5 Year Plan utilizing statewide penny funding.

Projects planned in the Year I are as follows:

  • Brubaker, Carver, Cattell, Cowles, Downtown School, Greenwood, Howe, Madison, Monroe, Morris, Moulton, Oak Park, South Union, Willard, Windsor, Brody, Harding, Walker Street, and Roosevelt – Entry projects
  • Cattell, Moulton, McKinley, Callanan, East, Lincoln, Central Campus, CNC, and Operations Center – Upgrades to portions of the existing mechanical systems.
  • Findley – Cafeteria and kitchen addition
  • Walnut Street School – Renovation of the fifth floor for classroom expansion. Completed.
  • Lincoln and Roosevelt – Auditorium upgrades
  • Central Academy – Replacement of the lower level windows
  • Mann Renovation – Window and door replacement, mechanical/electrical upgrades, asbestos abatement, data and communications upgrade, site improvements and security.
  • Brubaker, Cattell, Hanawalt, Hillis, McKinley, Monroe, Morris, Moulton, Oak Park, Phillips, South Union, Stowe, Willard, Windsor, Brody, Hoyt, and Hoover – Message board monument signs
  • Callanan, Harding, Merrill, Weeks, East, North, RAILS, Central Campus, Central Academy, McKee, and Prospect – Exterior lighting upgrades
  • Brody, Callanan, Goodrell, Harding, Hiatt, McCombs, Meredith, Merrill, Weeks, Lincoln, North, and Roosevelt – Installation of interactive projectors in classrooms
  • Hanawalt cafeteria and Callanan lower halls – Acoustic improvements
  • Moulton and Weeks – Student drop offs
  • Phillips and Callanan – Interior lighting upgrades
  • Phillips – Refinishing of the terrazzo flooring