Research & Data Management

The purpose of the research and data management team is to provide a systems approach to critical district functions that support data based decision making. Data is an asset that belongs to the district, not individual departments, and must be governed as such. A centralized team allows DMPS to harness, link, access, analyze, and act upon all major categories of district data (including student, staff, assessment, school, human resources, financial, and operational data) and strategically meet the data needs of all departments. This ensures:

  • transparency of data processes,
  • increased effectiveness through coordination of efforts, and
  • unbiased measurement and reporting through an independent team.

Mission Statement & Goals

The mission of the research and data management team is to collect, store, analyze, and report quality data that drive strategic decision-making so students and staff may reach their full potential.

The Research and Data Management team has three over-arching goals for the 2016-17 school year:

  1. Increase utilization of data systems to meet district needs for increased system efficiency.
  2. Create a structured system for monitoring student/initiative/program progress to enable departments to determine effectiveness and to make decisions necessary to achieve outcomes.
  3. Facilitate a collaborative evaluation process district-wide that drives the allocation of resources based upon evidence.

The research & data management office also completes several district, state, and federal reports throughout the year, including the Annual Progress Report (APR), Comprehension School Improvement Plan (CSIP), Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) certification, and No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

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Conducting Research in Des Moines Public Schools

The research & data management office reviews all internal and external requests to conduct research in the district.

For more information on research requests, please read the following documents:

Research & Data Management

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