Special High School Schedule for January 7, 2014

With high school finals set to being later this week – and a two-hour delay caused by weather conditions – students will have a special schedule in effect for Tuesday that will allow attendance at all four class periods. This change applies to East, Hoover, Lincoln, North and Roosevelt high schools as well as Central Campus and Central Academy.

High school principals and district administrators felt it was very important, this close to finals, for students to be able to attend all class periods as if this were a regular school day.

Tuesday, January 7 will be a “B” day at all five comprehensive high schools, and 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th block classes will all meet for a shorter period of time. Announcements with further details will be made at each high school in the morning.

In addition, Central Campus and Central Academy will also have 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th block classes beginning at 9:55 AM on Tuesday morning. The bus schedule has been adjusted accordingly for both high school students as well as 8th grade students attending Central.

The class and bus schedule for Central tomorrow is as follows:

  • Fifth Block:  9:55 – 10:45
  • Sixth Block:  10:50 – 11:40
  • Lunch: 11:40 – 12:10
  • Seventh Block:  12:15 – 1:05
  • Eighth Block:  1:10 – 2:15

Buses Depart School

Buses Arrive @ Central

Buses Depart Central

Buses Arrive @ School

9:25 9:50 (for block 5)    
10:15-10:20 10:45 (for block 6)    
    11:45 (after block 6) 12:05
11:50 (8th and HS) 12:10 (for block 7)
    1:10 (after block 7) 1:30
    2:20 (normal time after block 8) 2:40