Proposal Overview

The following describes the process to develop the proposed changes to the attendance areas for Goodrell, Harding and Hoyt middle schools.

An advisory committee consisting of two community members each from Goodrell, Harding and Hoyt middle schools as well as East and North high schools and assisted by the district’s Office of Schools.  This group, acting as an ad-hoc committee of the district’s Facility Advisory Committee, met three times in October and November 2015 and reached consensus on the following recommendations aligned with the agreed upon outcomes.

Members of the advisory committee included:


School Represented

Marc Wallace Goodrell
Melissa Burkheimer Goodrell
Misty Hansen Harding
Christina Hazelbaker Hoyt
Michelle Groom East
Beth Walling East
Katrina Cozad North
Adam Edwards North


  1. Recommend transition timeline, grandfathering, and communication plans for the proposed modification.
  2. Develop understanding of how a split feeder system (like Weeks Middle School) would work for activities and athletics.
  3. Recommend modifications to the current Hoyt, Goodrell, Harding attendance areas.  The committee will not be recommending any changes to the current East and North attendance areas.


Transition Proposal:
Attendance area changes will apply to incoming 6th graders for 2016-2017 at all three schools. The new attendance area will include incoming 6th graders in future years and thus be fully in place after 3 years.

Grandfathering Proposal:
Current 6th and 7th graders will finish their 7th and 8th grade years at current middle school.  Current 6th and 7th graders wanting to attend new attendance area schools could apply for within-district transfer prior to March 1.

Additionally, the committee proposed expanding the definition of “concurrent enrollment” for the purpose of within-district transfer, to extend two additional grade levels in order to more closely align with elementary and high school and also to allow more families access to the sibling’s middle school.


  • Demographic Study – The student populations in each area looking back several years.
  • Within-District Transfer Recent Trends – How enrollment has been impacted at each school by this.
  • Building Capacity – How many students each building can reasonably accommodate.








January 2016 Communicate proposal Email, messenger, web Impacted 5th, 6th, 7th grade families Schools and district office Contact information
January 2016 Community meetings to share proposal North & East Community District leadership,


January 19, 2016 Share Attendance Change Plan with Board/discussion item Board Meeting Board, Community District Leadership, Committee members Maps, Demographic Data, Action Plan, Process
February 2, 2016 Board approval of Plan/action item Board Meeting Board Meeting District Leadership, FAC members Maps, Demographic Data, Action Plan, Process
February 3, 2016



Contact impacted families Email, messenger, web, letter Families Schools and district office Personalized information, grandfathering info, WIDT, enrollment procedures, deadlines, transportation