Q – Why is there a need to change the current attendance areas for Hoyt, Goodrell, and Harding?
A – Changing demographic trends for each neighborhood, the need to utilize building space efficiently, plus the desire to take the next step in Goodrell becoming a neighborhood school all contributed.

Q – Who will be impacted for the 2016-2017 school year?
A – Incoming 6th graders at all three middle schools.

Q – Will current students at Hoyt, Goodrell, and Harding be allowed to finish their middle school experience at their current school?
A – Yes.  All current students will finish middle school at the school they currently attend.

Q – Does this change the attendance areas for East and North?
A – No.  Those attendance areas were modified three years ago.

Q – Since some Goodrell students will attend East and others North, how will activities work?
A – Goodrell students will have equal access, including transportation after school, to the activity being offered at their eventual high school.  Additionally, Goodrell will offer all the middle school activities every other DMPS middle school provides.

Q – If I want to within district transfer my child to another school, may I do that?
A – You may apply, yes. The process is the exact same as every other school in the district, with an application deadline of March 1st.  Additional information is HERE.

Q – Where do I go to find more information about the current attendance areas?
A – Interactive maps of the current attendance areas can be found HERE.

Q – Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
A – Tim Schott, Secondary Schools Executive Director at timothy.schott@dmschools.org