DMPS/ISU Partnerships

Des Moines Public Schools is proud to participate in several partnerships with Iowa State University to provide world-class scientific educational opportunities for students and teachers alike.

Some of those partnerships include:

  • Symbi: Iowa’s GK-12 Project is a joint effort between Iowa State University, the school district, and the National Science Foundation to educate and inspire young people about the next generation of renewable energy, sustainable technology, and green products.
  • Science Bound: Iowa State University’s premier pre-college program to increase the number of ethnically diverse Iowa students who go on to pursue agricultural, scientific, technical, engineering and mathematics degrees.
  • Research Experience for High School Teachers at CBiRC: A program that provides teachers with the tools, experiences, and ongoing relationships with career scientists and with fellow teachers that will enable them to share with their high school students the latest developments in STEM fields and inspire their students with a desire to learn more about science and engineering and their related career paths.
  • Summer Academy for Middle School Teachers: A project to introduce the value of scientific inquiry in the context of middle school science education.
  • Young Engineers and Scientists Program at CBiRC: A pre-college education program that sponsors and supports 11th–12th grade students as Young Engineers & Scientists by aligning their interests with ISU faculty mentor research labs.