English/Language Arts/Literacy

Critical Readers, Writers and Thinkers

To prepare our students for 21st century literacy skills to be used in post-secondary education and the workplace, Des Moines Public Schools provides a guaranteed and viable curriculum at the appropriate developmental level.

In the elementary grades, we ensure an integrated approach to building essential foundational skills beginning with our youngest learners.

As our students grow and develop we provide the opportunities to grapple with texts of exceptional craft and thought, across a wide-range of genres, cultures, and time periods. Our teachers believe these works offer insight into the human condition and can be a model for our students thinking, writing, and problem solving.  We value wide and deep reading of both literature and non-fiction texts.

Our goal is to steadily increase the complexity and sophistication of the content and the structure of our classroom texts to grow our students into critical readers and writers.

Curriculum – Elementary Instructional Coordinator

Jamie O'Brien

Address: 2100 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA 50321
P: 515-242-8316 | E: jamie.obrien@dmschools.org

Curriculum – Elementary Literacy

Elizabeth Griesel

Address: 2100 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA 50321
P: 515-242-7906 | F: 515-242-7702 | E: elizabeth.griesel@dmschools.org

Curriculum – Secondary English/Language Arts

Jeremy Schwennen

Address: 2100 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA 50321
P: 515-242-7924 | E: jeremiah.schwennen@dmschools.org