Central Stores

There are many items that are required to make a large school district function on a daily basis. Items such as textbooks, physical education supplies, and musical instruments easily come to mind. However there are many more items such as custodial paper products, cleaning supplies, food service items and copier paper that are needed also.

The District has utilized a centralized warehousing system since the early 1900’s as a means to control its costs and make the most efficient use of taxpayers funding. Today, Central Stores houses over 1,000 stock keeping units (Sku’s) to support all operational departments of the District, as well as over 1,500 textbook sku’s used by its students and instructors. With a staff of five warehouse and delivery personnel, three delivery vehicles and over 25,000 square feet of warehouse space Central Stores continues to service the District’s fulfillment needs.

For DMPS employees, be sure to visit the link at the left for the Central Stores’ online catalog system.

Central Stores

Tom Sheehy

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