Green Cleaning State Mandate

Green Cleaning- State of Iowa Mandate:

The Des Moines Public Schools is committed to creating a safe learning environment for 
students, staff and community members.  The State of Iowa House File 823, encourages school districts along with other governmental entities to conform to an environmentally preferable cleaning and maintenance policy on or after July 1, 2012. The District has been transitioning environmentally preferred cleaning products and other supplies for several years. The State bill specifies that it does not prohibit the use of disinfectants or sanitizers when necessary to protect the public health, provided that the use of these
products is in accordance with the responsible cleaning procedure requirements. The bill also allows
school districts to deplete existing supplies while introducing new requirements in the procurement cycle through June 30, 2013.

Listed below are the primary “environmentally preferred” custodial products and supplies that are used by staff to clean, sanitize, disinfect, stock and perform floor care functions.


Custodial Cleaning Products:

Bon Ami

Clean by Peroxy

Green Seal Certificate 2012

Super HDQ

Two Part Glass & Mirror Cleaning-System

Custodial Paper Products:

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper


Custodial Foam Soap:

Buckeye Symmetry


Custodial Floor Care Products:

Bright Blast Stripper

Rivet Seal

Gemstar Gemini

Gemstar Laser

Microfiber: This item does not require a Material Safety Data Sheet