Middle School Alternative Education Center

Program Description

The Middle School Alternative Education Center (MAEC) at McKee serves students in grades six through nine who are experiencing significant behavioral or emotional difficulties that can not be addressed in a comprehensive setting. The program is designed to meet the needs of students who have habitual disruptive behavior; serious violation(s) of Level III or IV of the district discipline policy. The program provides academic and intensive social/emotional therapy to successfully transition students back to their home schools.


  • Educational
    • Low student/teacher ratio
    • Intensive social skills training
    • Individualized academic assessment upon entering the program
    • Individualized academic instruction
    • Program wide behavior management system
  • Behavioral instruction and support
    • Individual
    • Group

Student Profile

  • Exhibits chronic behavior problems, serious violation(s) of Level III or IV of the district discipline policy
  • Needs a smaller more highly structured environment
  • Unsuccessful at comprehensive school despite repeated intervention attempts

Referral Procedures

Special Education Students:

  1. Complete the Universal Referral Form and send to Beth Martin, Dean of Student
  2. Fax referral form, current IEP, current BIP and FBA to 285-7457
  3. Special education consultant will coordinate an intake meeting

General Education Students:

  1. All placements will be coordinated through Jamie Gilley, Placement Coordinator, 242-8316

Contact Information:

MAEC at McKee
2115 E. 39th
Des Moines, IA  50317

Randi Olseon, Administrator 323-8641
Launa Snyder, Special Education Consultant 323-8641