Magellan Employee Assistance Program

To All Des Moines Public Schools Employees and Family/Household Members:

Our interest in our employees and their family members is sincere, and we value our employees’ contribution to our school district!  Therefore, we would like to announce the new enhanced version of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Magellan Health Services.  We believe the EAP is a valuable resource that you and your eligible family/household members can contact for a variety of services designed to help you be your best at home and at work.

All inquiries made through the EAP are confidential and, by law, EAP records cannot become part of your personnel file. EAP services are provided at no cost to employees as well as to their eligible family/household members as DMPS pays for this service as a benefit.  Any additional costs incurred for services beyond the EAP may be eligible for payment under the behavioral health provisions of your medical benefits plan.

Confidential Counseling Services

Our EAP provides a confidential resource to consult with about a variety of life’s difficulties such as relationship concerns, substance abuse, grief and loss as well as emotional health issues such as depression and anxiety.  The professional EAP counselors can discuss with you the nature of your concerns and provide guidance and direction in alleviating those concerns. A variety of appointment times and convenient locations are available to best meet your needs and the first three sessions are free.

Work/Life Assistance

Our new enhanced program provides you with a comprehensive service that provides consultation, education and referrals for a variety of work/life issues.  These work/life resources can save you time and frustration by researching and providing qualified referrals for services such as (just to name a few):

  • Childcare Providers
  • Elder Care Options
  • Adoption Resources
  • Tutors
  • Senior Housing
  • Pet Care
  • College Planning
  • Home Repair Services
  • Travel Planning

All Work/Life referrals are carefully matched to meet your unique needs.  Each resource is screened for quality, appropriateness and timeliness.  In addition to receiving qualified referrals, you will also may receive educational resources designed to help you make an informed decision about the services you are looking for.

Legal/Financial Solutions

The problems that prompt employees to contact their EAP may include a legal and/or financial component.  Our EAP also offers Legal/Financial services to help you meet a variety of legal and financial concerns. This benefit provides:

  • A free 60-minute phone consultation with a professional with legal and/or financial expertise
  • Referrals to legal and/or financials professionals in your geographic area for in-person services
  • Discounted rates for ongoing assistance if legal representation is required
  • Online access to a wealth of educational resources, links, tools and downloadable documents

To access any one of these valuable benefits offered through our EAP, contact Magellan Health Services:

Hotline: 1-800-356-7089 or Online by clicking here.

To see a list of educational webinars offered by Magellan EAP, click here.

*Confidentiality – We want you to know that your personal information will remain just that — personal. Your confidentiality will be respected and protected.  All information collected on any forms or screenings will only be used for tracking and auditing participation in the Healthy U Program.