Financial Reports

Fiscal Accountability and Responsibility.

Each year, Des Moines Public Schools shares two major documents on how more than $400 million in public funds are spent to educate students at Iowa’s largest provider of public education.

One document is the Adopted Budget and Financial Statements. In 2013, this document was updated with a new format with the goal of better organized information as well as a clearer description of the school district’s goal and objectives.

The other document, prepared by the external auditors for Des Moines Public Schools complete a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) reviewing the district’s financial management for the previous fiscal year. Des Moines Public Schools has been widely recognized for its financial reports. In fact, for the past five years the school district has received the Certificate of Achievement from the Government Finance Officers Association and the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Association of School Business Officials for its annual CAFR.

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Financial Report Card

Click here to go to the website for the Iowa Department of Education and the School District Financial Report Cards. From the pull-down menu, select Des Moines Independent Community School District and click on the “Select” button. Information contained in this report is prepared by the Iowa Department of Education in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Management.