Employees’ Budget Advisory Committee

Building on the work of the Citizens’ Budget Advisory Committee, the Superintendent expanded that concept in 2011 with the formation of a similar group comprised of delegates from the district’s various employee groups and collective bargaining stakeholders.

Both advisory committees will provide input to the school board as it works toward adoption of the budget for FY 2013.

On February 21, 2012 the EBAC made the presented the following recommendation to the School Board about the FY 2013 school district budget:

Members of the Employees’ Budget Advisory Committee are:

  • Thomas Ahart, interim Superintendent
  • Kevin Baccam, Controller
  • Pamela Bernis, associate
  • Cynthia Bernhardt, clerical
  • Virginia Blanchard, nurse
  • Judith Campbell, associate
  • Adam Fanning, site coordinator
  • Urasaline Frith, transportation
  • Pamela Gomez, clerical
  • Patricia Gronewold, teacher
  • Thomas Harper, CFO
  • Michael Haviland, security
  • Lynn Hoff, teacher
  • Theresa Holt, teacher
  • Susan Hope, special education
  • Tina Jensen, Executive Director/Elementaries
  • Susan Krantman, teacher
  • Michael Lord, principal
  • Diann Mackey, ELL
  • Linda Monserrate, psychologist
  • Dean O’Tool, craft
  • Ashley Schott, teacher
  • Matthew Smith, principal
  • Virginia Smith, teacher
  • Melissa Spencer, teacher
  • Erin Stites, associate
  • Maureen Taylor, principal
  • Noelle Tichy, specialist
  • Craig Vander Zyl, craft
  • Debra Victor, teacher
  • Janet Walters, clerical