Citizens’ Budget Advisory Committee

In 2010, the Superintendent convened a committee of community volunteers to develop recommendations for the school district budget, working within the scope of broad parameters adopted by the school board early in the FY 2012 budget cycle.

In addition, the role of the committee is to solicit community input at the front end of the process rather than waiting for public response to a proposed budget as the deadline for adoption nears in the springtime.

The CBAC began meeting on January 10, 2013 in preparation for the FY2014 budget, and is currently planning to present its recommendations to the School Board on February 19.

The following are minutes from their meetings:

Current members of the CBAC are:

  • Joyce Bruce
  • Melissa Cano-Zelaya
  • Mark Cooper
  • Rose Green
  • Joe Henry
  • Todd Jacobus
  • Shelley Keeton
  • Ed Linebach
  • Jay Radcliffe
  • Shane Schulte
  • Michelle Smith
  • Gretch Tegeler
  • Marc Wallace
  • Skeet Wootten