Orchard Place

Program Description

The Orchard Place Campus at SW 9th and Porter offers an on site educational program, Orchard Place Campus School, for students who are residents of the PMIC facility at Orchard Place. The DMPS curriculum is used with identified content, standards, benchmarks and assessments.  Teachers make accommodations and adaptations as necessary to insure that the general curriculum is accessible to each student.  This program offers students a full range of academic courses, as well as art, physical education, career awareness and social skills instruction. The educational and clinical staff work together to meet the educational and treatment goals for each student.  They also work collaboratively with the home school to help insure a successful transition back to a less restrictive school setting when appropriate.  The Campus School Program is for students who are residents of Orchard Place and provides educational services for students from fourth through twelfth grade.  Orchard Place Campus School has adopted the “Circle of Courage” philosophy, which means that as a learning community, efforts are focused toward helping students meet the basic needs of Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity, shared by every child.

Students are referred to the Orchard Place Program through an established therapeutic relationship and based on the need for PMIC level of services.

Student Profile

  • Campus School
    • Significant emotional/behavioral/mental health needs
    • Accepted in the Orchard Place Residential Program

Contact Information

For more information on the Orchard Place Residential Program, please contact Lori Dawson-Weeks via postal mail at: Orchard Place; 925 SW Porter; Des Moines, IA, 50315 or via phone at 515-287-9700.

Administrator: Shari Thompson, Principal

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