Flex Academy

The Flex Academy provides various academic modalities and accommodating schedules for students in need of credit recovery and who desire the choice to determine their own learning style.

Innovative Learning Opportunities

Des Moines Public Schools supports innovative instructional opportunities for students and families to discover academics through a variety of learning modalities to individually refine a preferred learning style. The results yield self-direction and prepare students for post-secondary prospects.

This experience includes a wide range of learning modalities including online instruction, project-based learning, group projects, and individual tutoring.  Learning topics range from a global and national perspective to a local perspective, designed to relate the curriculum to real work experiences. The academic content aligns to the district curriculum through the Standards Referenced Grading approach.

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Academic Pathways Instructional Coordinator

Mimi Willoughby

Address: 2100 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA 50321
P: 515-242-8323 | E: miriam.willoughby@dmschools.org