Meredith Tree Project Grows During Vacation

Meredith tree planting 2Seventh grade science students at Meredith Middle School took action by planting trees at the beginning of May. Before vacation, they implemented a self-watering system by making drip buckets, so the trees will get the water they need throughout the summer.

They drilled a small hole in a 5-gallon bucket, then pulled cotton clothing line through the holes so that the water will saturate the string and drip out onto the soil.

Meredith Community Action Advocate Ashley Al Zakrootee said the trees will lower heating and air conditioning costs at the school by providing shade and blocking the wind, provide a habitat for animals, and be learning tools for science teachers in the future.

“The view of trees and nature from classroom windows has also been shown to have a positive impact on student learning,” Al Zakrootee said.

This project was funded in part by the Trees for Kids and Trees for Teens Grant Program funded by Iowa Department of Natural Resources Forestry Bureau, MidAmerican Energy, Black Hills Energy, Alliant Energy, Iowa Bankers Association, Trees Forever, Iowa Tree Farm Committee, and the Iowa Woodland Owners Association.

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