First Annual Stellar Award Recipients

More than 150 middle school students were honored at the 1st annual Stellar Awards, held at North High on Friday evening.  The event honored outstanding achievements in a variety of categories by students at each DMPS Middle School.

The night also included student music and poetry performances.  To see photos from the evening, click here.


Maria Fazio, Brody — Best Citizen

Kaitlin Swennumson, Brody — Best Vocabulary

James Simmons-Waters, Brody — Go Giver Community Service

Nicole Woods, Brody — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Kiera Edwards, Brody — Most Creative

Adriana Marin-Verduzco, Brody — Most Improved

Aubrie Robel, Brody — Most Inquisitive

Spencer Davis, Brody — Perfect Attendance

Jada Franklin, Brody — Risk-taker

Hannah McKinney, Brody — Scholar Athlete (female)

Conner Dalton, Brody — Scholar Athlete (male)

Lorena Escobar, Brody — Simon Estes Music

Spencer Davis, Brody — The Average of 5

Hao Le, Callanan — Best Citizen

Thomas Fisher, Callanan — Best Vocabulary

Olivia Cain, Callanan — Go Giver Community Service

Janiya Oliver, Callanan — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Danille Russell, Callanan — Most Creative

Solit Germano, Callanan — Most Improved

Madeline Eden, Callanan — Most Inquisitive

Anitra Simmons, Callanan — Perfect Attendance

Heman Gurung, Callanan — Risk-taker

Claire Brocker, Callanan — Scholar Athlete (female)

Spencer Hobbs, Callanan — Scholar Athlete (male)

Alex Ramirez, Callanan — Simon Estes Music

Brandon Hanna, Callanan — The Average of 5

Madilyn TS-Kearney, Gateway — Best Citizen

Derrick Neal, Gateway — Best Vocabulary

Nevaida Wonders, Gateway — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Quentin Yoder, Gateway — Most Creative

Michael Smith, Gateway — Most Improved

Catherine Lewin, Gateway — Most Inquisitive

Olivia Hicks, Gateway — Risk-taker

Kiana Sanders, Gateway — Scholar Athlete (female)

Liam Sweeney, Gateway — Scholar Athlete (male)

Christynn Lounsbery, Gateway — The Average of 5

Jeffrey Metheny, Goodrell — Best Citizen

Elaina Rothmayer, Goodrell — Best Vocabulary

Jacob Mentzer, Goodrell — Go Giver Community Service

Sharlay Eaton, Goodrell — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Melvin Moore, Goodrell — Most Creative

Tina Spears, Goodrell — Most Improved

Tyler Henderson, Goodrell — Most Inquisitive

Mackenzie Prewitt, Goodrell — Perfect Attendance

Laura Lo, Goodrell — Risk-taker

Alyssa Ayersman, Goodrell — Scholar Athlete (female)

Vincent Lloyd, Goodrell — Scholar Athlete (male)

Josie Weber, Goodrell — Simon Estes Music

Abigail Folkerts, Goodrell — The Average of 5

Paw Mu Soe, Harding — Best Citizen

Jasmine Inthabounth, Harding — Best Vocabulary

Zach Johnson, Harding — Go Giver Community Service

Aleasia Herr-Gaines, Harding — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Tre’Vawn Jarrett, Harding — Most Creative

Julio Valenzuela, Harding — Most Improved

Jonathan Praseutsack, Harding — Most Inquisitive

Paige Taylor, Harding — Perfect Attendance

Quinn Powers, Harding — Risk-taker

Nyamal Gatluak, Harding — Scholar Athlete (female)

Musa Kipendo, Harding — Scholar Athlete (male)

Jenna Jensen, Harding — Simon Estes Music

Kendall Helm, Harding — The Average of 5

Pamela Salas, Hiatt — Best Citizen

Jonathan Gonzalez-Trujillo, Hiatt — Best Vocabulary

Yanelly May, Hiatt — Go Giver Community Service

Dominick Clausi, Hiatt — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Okaydo Van Duong, Hiatt — Most Creative

Enrique Ruiz, Hiatt — Most Improved

Devin Turner, Hiatt — Most Inquisitive

Abraham Salgado, Hiatt — Perfect Attendance

Francisco Chavez, Hiatt — Risk-taker

Tiana Ziegler, Hiatt — Scholar Athlete (female)

Osdy Villegas, Hiatt — Scholar Athlete (male)

Sandy Le, Hiatt — Simon Estes Music

Julieta Reveles-Ortega, Hiatt — The Average of 5

Tanner Onder, Hoyt — Best Citizen

Anna Daramus, Hoyt — Best Vocabulary

Cassandra Burke, Hoyt — Go Giver Community Service

Dakota King, Hoyt — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Kalani Lilly, Hoyt — Most Creative

Annabel Pratt, Hoyt — Most Improved

Heden Perez, Hoyt — Most Inquisitive

Breeanna White, Hoyt — Perfect Attendance

Jeffrey Ragan, Hoyt — Risk-taker

Taylor Baker, Hoyt — Scholar Athlete (female)

Alejandro Zarate, Hoyt — Scholar Athlete (male)

Cameron Clifford, Hoyt — Simon Estes Music

Vanchy Houn, Hoyt — The Average of 5

Angel Tiengkham, McCombs — Best Citizen

Matthew Gedenberg, McCombs — Best Vocabulary

Aspyn Butler, McCombs — Go Giver Community Service

Cortney Brunk, McCombs — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Jasmine Johnson, McCombs — Most Creative

Jordan Westmoreland, McCombs — Most Improved

Bishnu Adhikari, McCombs — Most Inquisitive

Vanessa Cruz, McCombs — Perfect Attendance

Maria Cruz, McCombs — Perfect Attendance

Cesar Corona, McCombs — Risk-taker

Jolynn Harris, McCombs — Scholar Athlete (female)

Edward Suong, McCombs — Scholar Athlete (male)

Michael Bundy, McCombs — Simon Estes Music

Emily Allen, McCombs — The Average of 5

Isabella Rodriguez, Meredith — Best Citizen

Maw La, Meredith — Go Giver Community Service

Tylinn Patrick, Meredith — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Emily Murphy, Meredith — Most Creative

Juan Sanchez, Meredith — Most Improved

Ian Hollingworth, Meredith — Most Inquisitive

Josh Thomas, Meredith — Risk-taker

Taylan Olson, Meredith — Scholar Athlete (female)

William Hawks, Meredith — Scholar Athlete (male)

Elise Poulsen, Meredith — Simon Estes Music

Jason Koromo, Meredith — The Average of 5

Moira McMahon, Merrill — Best Citizen

Emma Gardner, Merrill — Best Vocabulary

Adela Obarcanin, Merrill — Go Giver Community Service

Vivian Copley, Merrill — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Samantha Baldwin, Merrill — Most Creative

Max Sanders, Merrill — Most Improved

Graham Link, Merrill — Most Inquisitive

Bashar Eid, Merrill — Perfect Attendance

Asmara Shan, Merrill — Risk-taker

Emma Fritzjunker, Merrill — Scholar Athlete (female)

Samuel Jackson, Merrill — Scholar Athlete (male)

Benjamin Stone, Merrill — Simon Estes Music

Imani Thomas, Merrill — The Average of 5

Tera Richardson, Weeks — Best Citizen

Jona Mekdala, Weeks — Best Vocabulary

Nathan Lile, Weeks — Go Giver Community Service

Shaddai Damken-Navarro, Weeks — Lolo Jones Perseverance

Joslyn Cardenas-Flores, Weeks — Most Creative

Angel Cart, Weeks — Most Improved

Miguel  Perez, Weeks — Most Inquisitive

Tyler Krugler, Weeks — Perfect Attendance

Arieal Diggs, Weeks — Risk-taker

Abigail Belleh, Weeks — Scholar Athlete (female)

Isaac Toluwalase, Weeks — Scholar Athlete (male)

Briann Chapman, Weeks — Simon Estes Music

MaKayla Wilson, Weeks — The Average of 5

See photos of 1st Annual Stellar Awards

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