Students Rally Before Special Olympics Meet


Ruby Van Meter students say it all: “Let me be brave in the attempt.”

Ruby Van Meter students rallied in the gymnasium, getting pumped up for the Special Olympics Spring meet at Simpson College in Indianola next week.

“It’s awesome!”  said Justice Jewett, who will compete in swimming.  He has a goal in mind.

“To get my first ‘all first places’ and have fun!” Jewett shouted.

Over the loud music and cheers, Principal Cindy Weisz said 150 of her students will participate in the games. Events will include running, walking, swimming, softball and wheelchair competitions. One student will sing the national anthem.

“They love it,” Weisz said. “This is a really big event for them.”

It’s an event they couldn’t attend without thousands of dollars in support from the community. Donations to the Special Olympics pay for student participation.  Church groups like the Knights of Columbus pay for the buses needed to transport students to the Spring games in Indianola and the state games at Iowa State University.

Weisz says the payoff is immeasurable.

“We do a lot of academics but this helps their well-being,” Weisz said. “They feel so good about themselves when they participate in something so big as this.”

Students who earn blue ribbons at the Spring games in Indianola will go on to compete at the state Special Olympics in Ames, April 22-24.

Photos of Ruby Van Meter’s Special Olympics Pep Rally

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